Any problems with a parcel?

  • Check accurately whether package of your product is intact. If it is intact do not accept it and inform us about it. 
  • Check condition of the package at the presence of the courier. In case of found damages to the product prepare a report on the damage with a courier and send it immediately into:

Purchased product is defective or different from the ordered one? 

  • Prepare a complaint in writing. Prepare a sample we deliver per a client's request sent into the address:
  • We will answer your complaint within 14 days from a reception date.
  • In the framework of a complaint a client may demand: replacement of the product with a new one, reduction of the price, withdrawal from the contract ‑ provided that the defect is substantial.
  • In case of a recognized complaint, return and delivery of a new product take place by DHL or DPD Company. Manufaktura Chodzieska is responsible for ordering of the courier and payment of all costs arising from the situation. 
  • In case of individual shipping, a purchaser pays the costs related with this process. 
  • We do not accept COD consignments. 

Manufaktura Chodzieska is a family‑owned company since 1989 and one of a few companies dealing with ceramic tableware in Poland.

Due to the technology, which has been developed for years, and due to our experience we are able to assure our clients get products characterized by the highest quality and aesthetic attributes. Individual production process we carry out enables full control of particular stages starting from stage of the mixture preparation used to manufacture our products.